Waterfront Restaurants

Vegan Fine Dining

Enjoy classic and state-of-the-art vegan cuisine in luxurious, nature-inspired surroundings. Wood and muted shades, perfectly complemented by large panoramic windows and soft lighting, provide a relaxed feel – good atmosphere day and night.

The Pantry

Buffet Restaurant

The Pantry is a bright, airy restaurant area. Here you will find different counters that offer everything from salads to delicious Indian food. This area is laid out like a gastro-mile. You can choose one of the delicious dishes to your heart’s content, which is then served at the respective bar.

Floor-to-ceiling, natural light-inviting windows reveal the view of the sea. You can either sit in comfortable armchairs or on long benches, which are arranged along the main corridor. The windows are high tables with bar stools – perfect if you want to chat with other passengers and meet new people.

Take a seat, please!

Raw Chef's Table

The Vegan Travel CMV Chef’s Table. Please take a seat! Do not miss the Chef’s Table, an exclusive dining experience with a variety of courses and a perfectly matched wine arrangement. Raw vegan food at the highest level. 100% vegan and unprocessed.



Other Special Features

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MS Vasco Da Gama

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