06 AUG 22 Invergordon IN2 – Scottish Craft Beer Tasting [afternoon; on board]



Beer is a pretty big business in Scotland. With more than 100 breweries operating across the country, the variety and quality of beer and ale being produced and served in Scotland’s bars and pubs is greater than ever. Join our beer tasting on board and develop your own preferences while tasting and identifying flavors in different beer styles, from hoppy India Pale Ales and refreshing lagers to blonde, amber and golden ales and robust stouts and porters, the choice is astonishing.

The tasting gives you an opportunity to taste up to 10 different Scottish craft beers. All tasted beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized, vegan of course and free of chemicals. Most importantly, they are fresh and delicious. Cheers!

Starting time: 4.15 PM
Duration: about 1 hour
Activity level: 1/5

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