09 AUG 22 Seydisfjordur SEY1 – Vallanes Organic Farm + Vök Nature Baths OR Hengifoss Hiking

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Visit Vallanes, one of the most northern places in the world where grain is cultivated. It is the home of the Móðir Jörð food products which are made of 100% certified organic ingredients. Farm owners Eymundur Magnusson and his wife Eyglo Bjork Olafsdottir started organic farming in 1985. They focus on further developing the farming of grains and vegetables in Iceland, and on producing vegan products made from local, Icelandic ingredients, most of which are produced on the farm. Join the guided tour and learn more about agriculture in Icelandic climate.

Option A: Continue your day of exploration at the famous Vök Baths (Admission included).
Throughout the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn noticed certain spots on the lake that curiously did not freeze in the wintertime. The Icelandic name given to these ice-free patches is Vök (plural: Vakir), and their source was discovered to be underwater hot springs streaming up to warm the surface from deep under the lake. Before the hot water was discovered, people were convinced that there was a monster living on the bottom of the lake that either melted or broke the ice. Completed in the summer of 2019, Vök Baths is Iceland’s newest geothermal destination, and boasts the country’s first and only series of floating pools. The design and architecture of Vök Baths complements and embellishes the essential qualities of the environment, to communicate deep respect for Icelandic nature. Upon arrival, change into your bathing attire and enter the hot water, which is renowned for its therapeutic properties, within and surrounded by the lake. During your soothing and relaxing soak, enjoy the beauty and serenity of your surroundings. At the conclusion of your visit, re-board your coach and commence the approximately 45-minute drive back to the pier.

Starting time: 1.15 PM
Duration: about 4.5 hours
Activity level: 2/5
Price per person:

Please note: Bring your bathing suit and towel. For hygiene purposes, it is required to shower with soap and water before entering any geothermal baths or pools. Shower facilities are gender divided but communal. Lockers are provided for storing personal items.

Option B: Continue your day of exploration by hiking to the second highest waterfall in the country; Hengifoss, which is 118 meters high, with fascinating red layers in the walls surrounding the water. It takes about 1 hour to reach the waterfall and at least 1 hour to make the return hike. Just below Hengifoss is a smaller waterfall, the 30m high Litlanesfoss, which is surrounded by rows of basaltic columns.

Afterwards reboard the coach. We will pick up the guests from the Vök Baths and will then take you back to the ship. 

Starting time: 1.15 PM
Duration: about 4.5 hours
Activity level: 4/5
Price per person:

Please note: This excursion involves 60 minutes of medium difficulty walking in each direction and is recommended for guests who are physically fit. This excursion is not suitable for guests with limited mobility. Warm, layered clothing appropriate to the local weather (including rainproof outerwear) and comfortable hiking shoes are recommended.


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Vallanes + Hengifoss Hiking, Vallanes + Vök Nature Baths

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