11 AUG 22 Heimaey HEI3 – Hike to the Westcoast: Puffins, Birds and Spranga


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With a colorful bill that seems too perfectly painted to be real, puffins have a photogenic, cartoon-like appeal. Searching for them on an Iceland tour with Vegan Travel is a must. One of the best places to see puffins in Iceland is on Heimaey. The Westman Islands are the first place where puffins show up in Spring. They arrive in May at the earliest and usually stay around until mid-August. There are over millions of puffins around the islands, therefore it is the biggest colony in the world!
Join our experienced guide on this hike to the West of Heimaey and explore the stunning nature of the island, enjoy the view on the small surrounding rocks and islets, and hopefully spot some of the incredible puffins.

Sprangan –  that’s scaling and swinging in the rocks of Heimaey. Athletic activities play an immense role in the islands´ cultural life and have in fact made their name known far and wide. To most Icelanders the sport traditionally characterizing the islands is “sprang”, a miniature version of cliff rappelling, now mainly practiced at Skiphellar, not far from the harbor, where you can try it with your guide.

On this tour you will also get a good view of the quite famous rock formation, the Elephant head.

Starting time: 3.00 PM
Duration: about 2.5 hours
Activity level: 3/5

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