14 Nov 2019: Discover Aveiro, the “Venice of Portugal” (Guided Tour)


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This afternoon, we discover Aveiro. Often called the “Venice of Portugal”, and known as the salt capital of Portugal, Aveiro is surrounded by salt marshes, beaches and lagoons and is dominated by the Central Canal that runs through the town. This little medieval town, built on a lagoon, expanded rapidly during the 15th and 16th century due to its sea port. It is also a center of baroque art with its many buildings and monuments. Aveiro has kept several of its typical boats with half-moon shaped prows, the “moliceiros”.
Its university is one of the largest in Portugal. Aveiro is a bright and friendly little town with art-nouveau style architecture, brightly colored houses and charming little alleyways for you to take a lovely stroll. Afterwards, we’ll drive to Costa Nova, a cute little village and a former family-friendly resort which has now been restored. The resort is located between the beaches on the Atlantic coast and the lagoon. There are many traditional multi-colored, striped wooden houses lining the promenade.

Duration : approx. 120 – 150 minutes
Start: Afternoon

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