Stina Spiegelberg

Stina Spiegelberg decided to become a vegan in 2008 and ever since her life has only hanged for the best, she says. In 2010 she began blogging on, quit her job in IT and shares all her passion for a healthy lifestyle with us today. As a vegan TV chef and speaker Stina shows her audience how to love and enjoy life – with all tastes. Her first book in 2013 „Veganpassion – Lieblingsrezepte zum Backen“ made vegan baking a sensation. With her four (soon five) cookbooks she brings a colorful glow to the plant based community, inspiring people around the world to start cooking for their wellbeing. What started as an award–winning recipe blog, reaches a large number of people around the world today.

With projects like „Aktion Pflanzenpower“ Stina supports a healthy lifestyle for children promoting schools with easy plant based foods and workshops. As one of the four founders of the Plant Based Institute she engages in a better education of plant based, healthy foods for private individuals and public institutions. „Nothing is more tempting, then colorful vegan foods. The time has come for a new generation of happy cooking, because nowadays a happy tummy can be a happy living.“