Your next vacation is coming and you would like to recharge your batteries and have a good time but don´t know how? You would like to do more than just visit beautiful places and spend time in nature? Then you should join one of our all vegan cruises in order to reconnect your body, mind and soul. Besides all vegan fine dining and some of the most beautiful places in the whole world we offer Yoga on all our cruises!

Yoga is not only giving you a good body feeling, but also helps to strengthen and relax the muscles you are using every day. Yoga is a proven and holistic health system and has, if you do it regularly, many positive effects: better concentration, more patience, detoxification of the body, strengthened self-confidence, balanced hormone levels, down-to-earth feeling, stimulated creativity and a sharper intuition.

“Yoga can be practiced by anyone who can breathe.” During our journey you will have the perfect opportunity to either pay more attention to your existing yoga practice or to take the first steps to integrate more yoga into your life. Everyone can take part in this intensive recreation as we offer classes for yoga beginners and also all other levels. Everyone is free to join, but nobody has to – we give you absolute freedom on and off the yoga mat.

Of course, all our yoga teachers are experienced and very well trained, so you are in good hands.

Yoga gives you the opportunity to simply take some time for yourself and perform a set of exercises, breathing and meditation techniques which lead to a sense of relaxation that is clearly noticeable even after the journey.